Where To Find Influencers For Your Brand


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Since there are influencers online across a number of different content platforms, finding the right influencer can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Here are some of the most common ways to discover and engage with influencers.


Online Communities of Influencers

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Influencer networks grant users access to hundreds of thousands of blog and blogger profiles. These online communities offer a relatively easy method of browsing millions of influential sites.
Neatly sorted into categories, users can discover influencers from every corner of the world. These online communities are a great tool for gauging the market and finding influencers that may have never come across your radar. At BrandBacker, we monitor millions of influencers everyday and give brands an easy to use tool to discover the perfect influencers for their marketing goals.


Google, YouTube & Blog Aggregator Searches


Search engines such as Google and YouTube can be a valuable tool in identifying influencers. A simple query such as ‘Top Fashion Bloggers’ will return pages of results with detailed lists of influencers curated by media outlets. You can also search across specific topics to gage which influencers own certain topics. For example a Google search for: Top Fall Fashion Trends, returns results from sites including style.com, elle.com, and harpersbazaar.com. If we dig even deeper, we’ll start to come across lesser known media outlets.

Blog Aggregators also offer a similar advantage. Sites such as Alltop.com allow readers to discover and follow blogs based on their interest. You can easily discover new influencers based on your chosen category and even add them to your list of outlets to follow so that you can find them easier later.


Social Media Keywords & Hashtags

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The days of hashtags only being relevant to Twitter feeds are over. Today, hashtags, along with keywords, allow an easy method of discovery for millions of social media users. For example a search for #fashion or even more specific #fashionstyleguide will return results from millions of social posts. This allows brands the ability to easily find the right influencers for their chosen topic. Searching across keywords allows us the ability to narrow our influencer search even more by dialing in on specific topics and phrases. For example, you could search ‘winter leggings’ or ‘organic beauty’ to find influencers who are talking about the exact topics that you care about.


Look to Influencers Talking About Competitors

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With millions of brands engaging in Influencer Content Marketing, it is very likely that your competitors are already working with the influencers that you need for your brand. Even more enticing, they’ve already done the hard work of curating just the right group of influencers. Taking a survey of your competitor’s influencers team is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways of finding new influencers. You can do this by browsing social media, company blogs, and recent campaigns.

Determining the types of influencers you’re looking for, the platforms your marketing team wants to engage with and the target audiences you want to reach are crucial in setting up successful influencer campaigns. Discovering the right influencers through online platforms and communities will help you create targeted lists influencers that match the size, engagement, aesthetics and professionalism you’re looking for.


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