3 Quick Tips to Help Your Organize Your Content Calendar


At BrandBacker we guide hundreds of companies through the Influencer Content Marketing process using our innovative platform and first hand insights into what makes a successful Influencer/Brand Relationship. To share this knowledge with forward thinking companies like yours, we’ve created the BrandBacker Content Marketing Guide Series. In our ongoing series we’ll be putting each of our readers through BrandBacker 101.


Organizing your content calendar is an iterative process that will adjust as your goals and resources change. Based on the content focuses and content types you’ve selected for your content calendar, you might have 100’s of pieces of content being created by influencers every month or only a handful from your marketing team and trusted content creators. Deciding exactly how often to release content is up to your team but here some basic guidelines to follow:

1. Consistent Schedule:

Imagine if your favorite television show could air on any day and at any time this week without any warning. It would be hard to keep watching that show. Similarly, your brand’s content needs to be published on a regular schedule to maintain engagement with your followers. Quality content published once a week on the same day of the week is better than rushing to publish three pieces of content randomly every week.

2. Schedule by Platform:

For content streams like social media, your followers are being bombarded by thousands of social updates everyday. Your brand needs to be a part of that stream daily to stay relevant. For other streams of content like YouTube videos and blog posts, publishing original content once a week could be enough to stay relevant and keep your SEO fresh.

3. Detailed & High Level Calendars:

We recommend creating detailed Weekly & Monthly Calendars and a High Level 3 to 6 Month Content Calendar. These calendars will continue to be adjusted every month as goals change within your company. Full sized versions of these calendars are available at the end of this guide.


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Building Your Content Caleandar the BrandBacker Way