Inspiration For Your Next Influencer Initiative

There’s more to influencer content than flat-lays and selfies. Take a look at our not-so-average influencer campaign ideas to get inspired for your next influencer initiative.

In-Store Activation: New product launch? Excited about a new retail partner and want to spread the word? Wanting to boost sales and social love for a specific store? Share the spotlight with your retail partner and ask influencers to go directly to the store to shoot.






On-Site Event: Maybe you sell online but also have an insta-worthy storefront. Maybe you’re hosting an event with one of your retail partners. A great way to generate buzz around your store or a new partner is to have influencers come to the event and post stories or live-stream in real-time.







Giveaway: We all love new social follows. A great way to amp up the follows or generate emails for your marketing list is to host a giveaway with influencers. It comes across more authentic by working with influencers who have already shown love to your product.






Brand Ambassador Program: We see it all the time. An influencer we follow posts a photo about the latest and greatest product they are loving – and then we never hear about or see the product on their feed again. Building long term relationships with influencers is a great way to build brand trust and create a team of influencers loyal to your brand. Ambassadors are influencers that talk about your brand on a reoccurring basis, sparking interest and keeping your brand top of mind to their followers. You build relationships with influencers, and their followers build trust for your brand. It’s a win-win.









PR/Gifting: Partnering with macro-influencers can be costly and probably not in your budget. Sending blind PR to elite Instagrammers or YouTubers is a chance to get those eyeballs on your brand or product for only the cost of shipping. Of course, there’s no guarantee your product will be mentioned but when it does, you’ve won the jackpot. An instant increase in brand awareness with 10,000+ eyeballs learning about your brand!








Photoshoots: Models are so last season. Turn to influencers to show off your apparel or accessories on your website. Partnering with influencers for these initiatives can be a fun and more cost-effective way to cast talent than traditional models. And, if you’re lucky, they may even story their experience or shout-out your brand on social.