About The BrandBacker Blog

Welcome to the official BrandBacker blog!

If you haven’t heard of BrandBacker yet, we help brands create, discover and showcase content with influencers. The BrandBacker Insights Platform monitors and measures over a million influencers online everyday to help brands discover more about content and influencers across their brand, competitors and industry. The BrandBacker Content Creation Network boasts over 10,000 bloggers, vloggers and influencers who work with brands regularly to create original content that reaches over 350 million followers. BrandBacker Content Showcases allow brands to leverage content across their websites, email newsletters and social media accounts to better engage and educate their customers.

When coming up with topics and goals for our blog, we wanted to offer insights for both brands and content creators at every stage of the content marketing life cycle.

For content creators, you can expect blog posts and videos that help you create more engaging, effective and professional content that will help you gain readers and work with brands.

For brands, we’ll be covering topics to help you create engaging content with influencers, measure and understand content analytics and trends and better leverage and showcase content. We’ll be structuring our blog posts to help you learn more about how to effectively create and execute a content marketing strategy that utilizes influencers.

We’ll also be writing about interesting case studies and strategies we’ve seen brands deploy and insights and trends we are seeing from our data that might inspire your next marketing campaign or blog post.

This is just the beginning, so subscribe to the BrandBacker blog and stay tuned for the insights to come!