Improving How Brands and Influencers Communicate

Our release week kicks off at BrandBacker with the launch of our revamped influencer communication and messaging systems. With the introduction of a host of new features across the BrandBacker platform, we decided it was time to get under the hood and super charge the way brands and influencers communicate on BrandBacker.


Challenges of Influencer Communication

In Influencer Marketing, communication between influencers and brands often ranges from sending proposals to negotiating rates to troubleshooting issues with shipping and content. Marketers and influencers have to deal with this back and forth while juggling hundreds of different campaign threads. It can quickly get overwhelming to remember who needs what and by when and slowly you have a mountain of messages to respond to.


The New BrandBacker Messages Platform

We sought to solve this problem once and for all. Most interactions online and mobile phones today happen on casual chat apps like text messaging, What’s App and Facebook Messenger or more formally on email. We sought to find a balance between the two of these systems with the speed of responding to many influencers at once along with the ability to easily discover message context. Our new and improved Messages section helps brands better communicate with hundreds of influencers across many different campaigns seamlessly.

Here are some of the features to look out for:

  • Threaded Messages: Messages are now threaded so that brands and influencers know exactly which campaign and initiative they are talking about. Along with the campaign, threads now contain more information about the relationship between the two sides to help them quickly get up to speed on the conversation.
  • Search and Filtering: Need to find messages from a specific campaign or brand? Need to look for an influencer by name or content channel? The new BrandBacker Messages section allows you to filter and sort your messages by brand, campaign, reach and more.
  • Announcements and Mass Messages: Brands can now send high level announcements and mass messages to large groups of influencers in their campaigns. Announcements allow brands to send instructions to influencers in certain stages of their campaign without needing them to respond.




The first phase of our communication roll out is now available to brands on the BrandBacker platform. Reach out to your Account Manager to get a quick demo and rundown on all of the new features and updates. Influencers will see their messages section updated in a similar way in the coming weeks.