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BrandBacker is the fastest growing blogger, vlogger and influencer network online. We connect brands who want to get exposure on blogs and social networks to over 10,000 bloggers and influencers looking for opportunities. BrandBacker helps brands reach millions of new customers and influencers while tracking every read, click, share, like, tweet, reblog & more. Thousands of people read and interact with content created through BrandBacker everyday.
Empowering Creators
As entrepreneurs, we sought a better way to get exposure for the products we poured countless hours into making. Meanwhile our blogger friends were creating amazing content but found it hard to find opportunities and build relationships with brands. Seeing the need to connect these two groups of creators, we set out to build the world's best platform for managing brand-blogger interactions and tools to help each side understand their reach & influence.
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BrandBacker is built by GoMakeIt Labs, a small team based out of Brooklyn, NY. We're backed by grants from the Berkeley Venture Lab and Start-Up Chile. We utilize the power of data & design to create powerful tools for creators.
Sumeet Patel
Founder: Data Science & Product
Sumeet was an early employee at LinkedIn and one of the first members of its renowned Data Science team. Before LinkedIn, Sumeet helped build the FICO Score and attended UC Berkeley for Industrial Engineering. Go Bears!

Sumeet builds the inner and outer workings of BrandBacker while wrangling data from the far reaches of the web to create our blog index scores and campaign analytics.
Max Klausner
Founder: Design & Marketing
Max has been involved in the beauty industry his entire life while working with his family's chain of cosmetic stores and recently founded an e-commerce makeup company. He's also served as a product manager for Affinity Labs and worked with the director of Moneyball.

Max designs the way the site looks & feels and gets the word out to brands and bloggers.
Vinay Anantharaman
Founder: Engineering & Technology
Vinay previously worked as a Software Engineer on the Flash player for both Mobile and Desktop Platforms. He handles everything from the back-end engineering to barista duties.

In his free time he can be found playing tennis, eating at a new taqueria, or concocting new puns and alliterations.
We're Hiring
Join our talented team at BrandBacker! Whether it's working with innovative brands, engaging with awesome bloggers, designing new products or tackling data algorithms, no two days are the same at BrandBacker. Located in DUMBO Brooklyn, we are surrounded by the most innovative and creative professionals in New York City. Check out some our open positions below.

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