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Build Your Influencer Team

Influencer Teams on BrandBacker are groups of bloggers, vloggers & influencers who regularly work with you to create content, give product feedback and promote your brand. The BrandBacker Team Manager helps you setup marketing initiatives, manage content creation, streamline messaging, send samples, automate payouts and receive real-time analytics in one easy to use tool.

Exposure Campaigns

Engage with 10,000 Influencers & Bloggers all at once. Find the right influencers for your team while creating hundreds of pieces of high quality content.

Existing Influencers

Receive analytics on influencers you've worked with, currently work with or want to work with and invite them to join your team.

Brand Discovery

Publish your brand profile to our brand directory and let influencers learn about more your brand and apply to join your team.

Engage With Influencers

Engage your influencer team and bloggers through BrandBacker Opportunities. Easily manage content creation, sample distribution, content review and messaging across opportunities, bloggers and teams. Turn any opportunity into a Campaign to engage the entire BrandBacker network on special intiatives.

Articles & Reviews

The standard brand opportunity. Let bloggers review your products and introduce your brand to their readers.

Giveaways & Contests

Create social buzz and generate mailing lists for your products by having influencers run product giveaways for their followers.

Videos & Tutorials

Create high quality, engaging content through vloggers and influencers on YouTube.

Social Campaigns

Run network specific campaigns to drive more followers and engage audiences across Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Surveys & Roundtables

Learn more about your product, competitors, and industry through surveys & roundtable discussions with influencers from your target market.

Live Events

Throw an event for influencers to interact with your brand or have them cover one of your brand events.

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Influencers in Your Market

Work with over 10,000 influencers across 85 countries and 40 languages. Target influencers based on location, language, demographics, keywords and influence level.

Influencer types include Bloggers and Vloggers across Beauty, Women's Fashion, Mommy, Lifestyle, Food, Health, Menswear, Travel & more!

Create Content Intelligently

Receive real-time analytics and scores of blogger reach and engagement for bloggers you work with. Track and monitor every article, image, video, comment and social media post created with metrics for reach, engagement and virality.

Influencer Scores

We monitor bloggers on your team and over 1 million others everyday so you don't have to. Our influencer scores look at metrics like reach, engagement, traffic and virality to help you decide who to work with.

Blog Post Analytics

Receive real-time monitoring of how many impressions, clicks, comments and social posts were formed from your efforts with influencers. Measure how viral your content goes with analytics on likes, retweets, pins and more.

Media & Comment Aggregation

Access all of the images, videos and comments being created from your opportunities in one place. Utilize media and comments from your influencers to boost your online presence and marketing materials.


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