10 Fastest Growing Beauty Bloggers
May 2015

Ten beauty bloggers who were on top of their game last month.

In the world of blogging, it’s not enough to have a loyal fanbase – blogs of all types should always be growing and and attracting new readers. This week, we’re taking a look at ten beauty blogs that have shown considerable growth over the past thirty days.



Spellbound Nails







1. Spellbound Nails


At 71% growth over the past 30 days, Spellbound Nails holds the title of fastest growing beauty blog. Active since 2012, this blog regularly posts nail polish reviews and how-to videos and serves as an extension of the Spellbound Nails online store.

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2. Anna Savanna


Blogger Anna Kemp takes the number two spot after seeing 59% percent growth over the past month. This small, personal lifestyle and beauty blog offers a variety of content with a personal touch, sharing photos of trips, meals and the blogger’s favorite beauty products

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3. QT Place


Nails seem to be dominating the beauty blogosphere this past month. At 38% growth, the sleek and simply designed QT Place is a catch-all beauty and lifestyle blog with a strong emphasis on nails and nail designs

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4. Nail That Accent


Yet another nail-focused blog takes a top spot. Nail That Accent saw 37% growth over the past thirty days. This regularly updated blog’s subhead touts that it’s “devoted to beauty addicts everywhere,” offering a plethora of giveaways, reviews, tips and tutorials for nails and other kinds of beauty products.

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flexi rod set







5. Fancy Flair Lady


Fancy Flair Lady is currently the fastest growing hair blog with 35% growth. The blog is still relatively small, but FFL produces a constant stream of content, regularly reviewing  hair products on her blog and YouTube channel.

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6. Pretty in Pigment


Pretty in Pigment blogger Sahily has an absolutely radiant personality and it shows in every aspect of her blog. With a solid 34% growth, Sahily is definitely one to watch. Pretty in Pigment offers an eclectic mix of style how-to’s, beauty tips and giveaways that resonate with her audience of fun fashionistas.

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Screen shot 2015-06-12 at 5.00.03 PM




7. The Beauty Isle


Blogger El from The Beauty Isle has definitely taken a page or two from the likes of Into The Gloss. The super sleek beauty blog offers well-curated product reviews and tips that have so far paid off with 32% growth this month.

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8. My Glittery Obsessions


Kristy C lays it all out with the spot-on title of her blog My Glittery Obsession. Using a mix of video posts and content reviews, this Canadian makeup blogger offers readers exactly what she promises and does so with a solid growth of 32% this month.

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Best Of | Make Up Forever | MISSBEAUTYADIKT







9. Miss Beauty Adikt


Miss Beauty Adikt is one of those rare blogs that gets it all right. Its sleek design, eye-catching photos, appealing content and a carefully edited aesthetic has led to an impressive 29% growth.

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10. Saving Everyday With Sonya K


At 28% growth, Saving Everyday with Sonya K may be the last blog on our list but it’s definitely no indicator of a lack of success. As a wife and mother of two, Sonya’s blog isn’t strictly beauty-based. Sonya shares her very practical and fashionable saving tips to keep you looking your absolute best.

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The competition is tough and readers have more choices than ever of where to spend their time browsing. However, with the right combination of content, aesthetics and originality things could pick up rather quickly. Stay tuned for our upcoming Trending lists as we cover topics in Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle to determine just who is getting it right.