Organize Your Content Calendar with these Six Great Content Focus Areas

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Are you overwhelmed setting up and maintaining your social media platforms and company blogs? If so, you’re like thousands of brands across the world trying to stay on top of the latest platforms while simultaneously creating content that is both thoughtful and engaging. If you’ve ever wondered how to juggle it all or make planning and executing your content a little less migraine inducing, you definitely want to read on as we uncover the power of building your content calendar & strategy outline. In the our first post we’ll be uncovering the six Content Focus Areas that you should be focusing on when building your content calendar.

What is a Content Focus?

A Content Focus allows an organization to outline a specific objective for the content that it creates. Because there are many different objectives, it’s important for a brand to be clear about what it hopes to achieve from each piece of content. Without this focus, it is difficult to determine the type of content to create and how to measure which types of content are performing the best. Choosing a focus and measuring results will allow you to consistently optimize future content initiatives.

Here are the 6 main Focus areas that brands can center their content efforts around:



Content that builds buzz and gets the word out about a specific product, opportunity, and your brand in general. This objective is great for launching new products and promotions.



Feedback & Reviews

Content that shares a user’s experience with a brand’s product. The objective is to share positive customer stories in hopes of converting readers into customers.


product page2


Content that aims to provide readers with a guide on the benefits and/or how to use a product correctly. With this focus brands can create instructional content on how to use a product, particular trends to watch or ingredients readers should know about.




SEO or Search Engine Optimization targeted content increases the amount of indexable content about a brand. This content focuses exclusively on web content such as blog posts and other online features. The aim is to fill search engines with content around specific keywords.



Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials used to only consist of slideshows and advertising campaigns. Today, these materials can be anything from blog posts to social media mentions and videos.



List Building

Content focused on building lists of consumers for future marketing campaigns. This content can help drive followers on social networks or build email lists for newsletters.


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