Make New Connections With Influencer Recommendations

Closing out the release of the revamped BrandBacker Intelligence Tool is our brand new Influencer Explorer section. In case you missed the first two releases earlier this week, check out our posts on the new Brand Analytics Dashboard and Competitor Benchmark.

While working with brands and agencies for the past 6 years, we’ve heard how much time it takes them to find the right influencers. Oftentimes brands and agencies spend countless hours building lists of influencers who might be a good fit for a particular project. There are a number of ways to to search and browse influencers across the internet but sorting, filtering and then reviewing influencer profiles can be a frustrating process.

A Modern Way to Connect

Our new Influencer Explorer helps you be more efficient by giving you a weekly set of recommended influencers to connect with. Think of it like being on a dating app except we’re recommending the best influencers for your brand and you decide if you want to reach out to them and connect. Along with the connections you’re building through campaigns and opportunities, adding connections through our Influencer Explorer will help you grow your community of brand ambassadors.

How It Works

Our matching and recommendation system uses key indicators from your brand’s content, previous campaigns, competitors, industries and topic areas to give you a list of influencers that could be a good fit to add to your contacts or next campaign. Check out an influencers social media channels, total following and why we think they are a good fit for your brand. Add influencers you like to your contacts or invite them to a campaign. Mark others as “Not Relevant” and we’ll update our algorithms to show you less influencers like them. New Matches are added every week and you can add as many influencers to your Contacts as you’d like.

The Influencer Explorer comes standard within the base BrandBacker subscription. Reach out to our Brand Partnerships team if you’d like to learn more about how this powerful new tool can help you reach new heights from your content marketing efforts. If you have a BrandBacker subscription, reach out to your Account Manager to get your competitors, industries and topics setup and your insights flowing.