Organize and Engage Your Influencers Like Never Before with BrandBacker BRM

We’re excited to announce the launch our new and improved BrandBacker BRM today. This one has been in the works for a while and we’ve taken all of the feedback from our amazing customers to create a contacts system built for managing your influencers. Organizing and engaging your influencers is now easier than it’s ever been.


Why Managing Influencer Contacts Is Important?

If you’ve ever worked on a large scale project, been a part of a sales team, managed a large email list or dealt with anything that has a number of moving parts, you know that the better organized you are, the more successful you are.

Working with Influencers is no different and in some regards can be more intensive. In Influencer Marketing, you are constantly creating lists of influencers that can fit a new campaign launch or initiative. Finding, batching and updating statistics for those influencers can be an incredibly time intensive process as every influencer has unique qualities and skill sets that need to be navigated.

Once you’ve worked with influencers, maintaining those relationships is important for future initiatives. This can be a challenge (especially for larger or cross functional marketing teams) as the point of contact for a brand can change and time between interactions with an influencer can span months or even a year. Knowing the details of previous interactions and all of the context around an influencer relationship is important to smoothly transition into your next campaign.


What’s a BRM?

Our BRM is a play off the commonly used term “CRM” which stands for Customer Relationship Manager. While CRM’s are mainly aimed for Sales Professionals, we call ours a BRM as it’s aimed as a marketers Brand Relationship Manager, controlling all of the relationships a brand has created. The BrandBacker BRM helps you organize your marketing contacts in one place, whether that’s from your public website, email lists, influencer outreach, customer list or PR.

Once contacts are synced in the BrandBacker BRM, you’ll have the most efficient system and tools to organize and launch your marketing initiatives:

  • Rich Contact Data: Use our contacts uploader to quickly sync large lists of contacts into the BRM. Our system then finds all associated data about your contacts including social media accounts, statistics, contact and location information.
  • Tagging, Lists and Notes: Attach tags to contacts to make them easier to find in the future. Add contacts to custom lists for upcoming marketing campaigns and leave private notes accessible to you and your team for future reference.
  • Advanced Filtering: Filter by category, geo-location, content channels, campaigns, sources, tags and more. Secondary filtering allows you to further refine by numbers of followers, time ranges and more.
  • Engagement and Action Buttons: Quickly engage with contacts using engagement buttons aimed to help you quickly send messages and invite influencers to work with you on campaigns.


Filtering and Geo-Location:


Rich Data For Every Contact:

This is just the start of our BRM and new features will be released in the coming months that will make it easier to engage in new and unique ways with influencers and customers. Check out the new and improved BrandBacker BRM today by reaching out to your BrandBacker Account Manager or emailing us at