Introducing Influencer Feedback, Roundtables and Surveys

Continuing our string of new releases this week is the launch of Private Influencer Feedback across all BrandBacker Campaigns!  Influencers in your campaigns can now leave honest, private feedback about their experience with your products. Private Influencer Feedback is now the third member of our Influencer Feedback platform to go along with Surveys and Roundtable Campaigns. Check out all of exciting new features below and learn more about our Survey and Roundtable Campaigns.


Private Product Feedback in Campaigns

One of the best ways to build brand awareness is getting your products in the hands of influencers and potential new customers. Most campaigns on BrandBacker offer products for influencers to create content around which naturally leads to some great suggestions for product improvements. But up to this point, influencers have been forced to relay their feedback through messages directly to the brand. We decided that it was time to create a structured feedback format for influencers to leave both high level ratings and detailed feedback. Influencer Feedback is private and left anonymously, giving brands the most honest assessment of their products without having to deal with negative public posts and reviews. Think of it as a way for both sides to privately collaborate on improving products for everyone.

Here are some of the feedback metrics you can now find in your Campaign’s Results & Analytics section:

Overall Rating: Influencers are asked to leave an overall rating of the product they received in the campaign. This is from a 0 to 5 star scale and is similar to the star ratings seen on most e-commerce sites. The goal of this rating is to give the brands an honest star rating from influencers who used their products.

Positives and Negatives: We ask influencers to leave short one line positives and negatives about the products they receive. This gives you easily digestable feedback on aspects of your products that influencers find appealing and areas where you can improve from messaging to packaging to quality.

NPS Rating: The NPS (or Net Promoter Score) is a measure of how likely a person is to recommend your product to someone else. Influencers are asked to let brands know how likely they are to recommend their products to friends from a 0 to 10 scale, with 10 being more likely to recommend. We then calculate the NPS as the difference of the percentage of Promoters (9-10 rating) minus the percentage of  Detractors (0-6 rating). The score ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being a perfect promoter score. The NPS is seen as the standard in measuring customer loyalty and experience across industries.

Here are some of average NPS Scores by different industries and leading brands:




Influencer Surveys and Roundtable Campaigns

If you’d like to go beyond the basic private feedback given by influencers in your campaign, you can launch Survey Campaigns that go out to influencers in the BrandBacker network or engage influencers in live Roundtable Campaigns.

Survey Campaigns on BrandBacker are a great way to learn more about your brand, audience and products. Survey’s on BrandBacker are fully customizable and can be used to understand more about your target audience and their habits or to get answers to specific questions about new and existing products and industries. Survey Campaigns can be targeted to specific demographics of influencers or broadly sent out to influencers across our network. Compensation for influencers in Survey Campaigns can include Free Products, Payouts, Discounts, Contests, Gift Cards and more. Reach out to your BrandBacker Account Manager to get started with setting up a Survey Campaign.





Roundtable Campaigns on BrandBacker are personal and free flowing feedback sessions with influencers. Roundtables are conducted in live Google Hangout sessions with influencers where you can interact with up to 10 influencers at a time. Utilize a Roundtable Campaign to go even deeper into questions you have with influencers in your campaigns and teams. Collaborating in Roundtables is a fun way to engage with influencers while gaining value feedback and building influencer relationships.  Reach out to your Campaign Manager to get a Roundtable Campaign setup with your influencers.




Private Feedback, Surveys and Roundtables are the first part of a series of new features we will be releasing this upcoming year aiming to help brands engage with influencers in new and innovative ways. We believe that getting real feedback from influencers is crucial to helping with your brand marketing and community building efforts. Feel free to reach out to us ( with any questions you have about our Influencer Feedback mechanisms or if you’d like more information about the BrandBacker Campaign and Insights Platform.