Marketing Campaigns to run during COVID

Here at BrandBacker, we’ve been helping our brands navigate the new reality using influencers to plug holes in other marketing & PR channels that have been disrupted due to COVID-19. During these social-distancing times, influencers are experiencing an increase in impressions and engagement from their virtual audiences. With more visibility opportunities, brands can take advantage by reutilizing past influencers to keep up with their Awareness Strategy. Not only do they already have your products and have used them, but the more times your products show up on their story/feed, the more genuine it comes off.

Let’s dive into a few campaign ideas you can run without needing many resources:

Contests/Giveaways: Hosting a giveaway is a terrific way to boost your brand awareness and social followers. Partnering with influencers you’ve previously worked with to host a giveaway shows their audiences a genuine affinity for your brand and product. Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

  • Determine the prize(s) and the number of winners. Cash prizes or gift cards are always a great option!

  • Reach out to your top-performing influencers and invite them to join your giveaway.

  • Ask your influencers to mention your brand’s giveaway on their social channels and state the rules (standard practice is to follow both the brand and the influencer to enter the contest)

Online Review Campaigns: Looking to amp up your brand’s social proof? Whether you just added a review partner to your site or your products launched on a new e-commerce site, social proof is tried and true when it comes to converting customers. Influencers you’ve worked with have already tried your products and have given it a review. Reach out to your influencer team and kindly request a review of the product(s) you previously sent them. Thank them by offering to send another product when your warehouse and inventory is back to normal.

Social Challenges: In our digest earlier this month, we touched on how to engage your social audiences during this time. Challenges have been trending on social media since March and show no signs of slowing down. Makeup brands are incorporating virtual kisses into their social calendar and Skincare brands are reminding us all to take time for a little self-care. If your team has not had the chance to start a social media challenge, there’s no better time. Think of something fun and simple, but remain sensitive.

Surveys: Data-driven insights are equivalent to marketing gold but with so much going on, there never seems to be enough time to execute, until now. Consumer Surveys are a great method of getting feedback for your brand to measure satisfaction, perform market research, and gauge expectations. Get your team together, brainstorm questions, and receive feedback to not only better your brand moving forward, but use that data to create social posts!


Our team is here to help you get started! Reach out to us for a brainstorm sesh, discuss best practices, and measure your marketing goals. Current clients can email their Account Manager while prospective clients can schedule a demo and learn how to import all your existing influencer contacts into our BRM.