Analyze Your Marketing Efforts with BrandBacker Intelligence 2.0

This week we’re releasing a brand new set of Intelligence Tools for Brands to use inside BrandBacker. Our previous Intelligence and Insights tools were focused on showcasing important content across your brand, competitors and industry. We’ve moved this content into our Content Manager and revamped our Intelligence tool to emphasize exactly that, Intelligence. First up is the a new powerful Brand Analytics Dashboard.

When recreating our Brand Analytics Dashboard, we wanted to make sure to not only give you the ability to see how your brand was performing across marketing metrics but also a glimpse into who your customers and followers actually are.

Content Analytics Over Time

Want to know how many consumers you reached this month? Or how many more influencers talked about you this month vs a previous month? What about how much Media Value you generated? Our updated Brand Content Analytics section gives you the ability to view how your content and brand performed across a number of key marketing metrics including your Reach, Influencers, Content Posts, Engagement and Media Value.  


Social Media Channel Monitoring

Check out how the amazing content being created about your brand by influencers is affecting your social media channels.

Get a weekly and monthly look into how your channels are growing from both the number of followers and engagement numbers.

Compare against the number of influencers, posts and reach to learn about the types of influencers and content that effect engagement and follower counts.


Influencer and Content Creator Personas

Along with knowing how your brand is performing, the new BrandBacker Intelligence tool allows you to learn more about your content creators and customers through self reported data from thousands of influencers. Discover the average follower counts and age of your influencers while finding out which demographics are using your products. Finally discover where most of your influencers are located across the world and locally.

The Brand Analytics Dashboard comes standard within the base BrandBacker subscription. Reach out to our Brand Partnerships (or Account Management) team if you’d like to learn more about how this powerful new tool can help you reach new heights from your content marketing efforts.