Checklist for Your Instagram – Make Yourself Collab-Worthy for Brands!


1. Keep Your IG Public

If brands are unable to view the content you’re creating and how much interaction you have with your audience, they can’t tell if you’re the right fit for their campaign. After all, you wouldn’t create a resume and never share it, right?


2. Include Your Email Address and Location in Your Bio

When a brand wants to reach out but doesn’t have your email, their only choices are to DM you or comment on a photo. This can get lost in an array of follower engagement or spam. The best way to sidestep this issue is to include your email address and location in your bio so brands can contact you with potential collaborations or events in your area. Don’t want to have your personal email address available publicly? Create a separate collaboration email address that brands can send proposals to and keep organized.


3. Post High-Quality Photo Incorporating a Healthy Mix of Flatlays, Personal Pictures, and Brand Collabs

No one wants to see low-quality mirror selfies for an entire feed. If you keep your feed interesting by including both high quality and diverse images, it shows that you have range as an influencer and makes you a better candidate for campaigns.


4. Keep a Consistent Aesthetic on Your Feed

Brands love to see samples of the content they can expect when choosing which influencers are a good fit to collab with. When you keep a consistent aesthetic you’re a safer bet for brands as they’ll feel confident in your future performance. Using the same set of filters, color schemes, photo angles and content themes on your images will help keep your aesthetic consistent.


5. Keep Your Follower Count REAL

A rule in life and on IG is don’t be fake. If your Instagram followers are fake, brands will know and take this into account when selecting candidates for campaigns. With less real followers, you have less pull with real people and less user interaction. Cut the fakes out of your life before pursuing becoming an influencer.


6. Don’t Post Anything too Risque

Posting risque photos limits the markets in which your photos and IG can appear on. To allow yourself to be a better candidate for brands, keep your content PG.


7. Make Sure Your Profile Picture is You

Your photo of your cat might be cute, but it’s not you. Don’t allow for an accidental catfishing to prevent you from getting into campaigns. Make sure that the person you are presenting to the world as yourself really is you. Even if you really love your favorite TV character, they shouldn’t be your first impression to brands.


8. Engage with Your Followers

One of the best parts of IG is getting to talk to people from all around the world of all backgrounds and experiences. This is also important for brands to make sure that your followers don’t just see your content, but that you actively interact with them. This tip also helps you show up on more feeds and with more views comes more likes (and the cycle continues).


9. Include What Content You Focus on in Your Bio

Your bio should be the first thing that pulls in brands to want to work with you. So tell them what you’re into. It can be difficult for brands to know what your main focus is and if it’s consistent with what they’re looking for. To prevent this complication, add in your most common content tags to your bio.