IGTV, The Latest Video App On the Scene

Earlier this week, Instagram launched its latest and most anticipated feature to date: IGTV. For those who aren’t familiar, IGTV is an add-on to the Instagram app, but also a standalone app for Android and iOS users. You’ll need to have the most recent version of Instagram to start watching. 

In a quick IG poll, we asked “Do you know what IGTV is?” and “How likely are you to use IGTV?”. Results below*

via [https://www.instagram.com/brandbacker]

*In a survey polling 100 people, 70 people have said they know what IGTV is, and just over half of them say they intend to use it.

5 Things You Need to Know

1. The Platform is Intended for Vertical Footage

Keeping consistent with how we view IG stories, IGTV videos will display vertically and capture the entire display of your phone’s screen. For those that may want to take a group video or capture a wide shot, this may not be the best platform. To create new videos, the aspect ratio will have to be filmed in 4:5 or 9:16. To upload pre-existing content, you’ll need to crop your footage into vertical rectangles.

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2. Seamless Integrations

IGTV uploads will appear in a prime location, sharing the same real estate as your story highlights. Borrowing features from both Snapchat and YouTube, it’s now easier than ever for creators to keep their audiences engaged with various types of content in just one channel. With only one account to manage and update, creators can focus more time and energy on what really matters… creating.

3. Not Just For Celebrities

This TV is not just for celebrities. Anyone can upload up to 10 minutes of content, and verified profiles or a higher follower count can upload up to 60 minutes.

4. Monetizing Opportunities

Long-form and well-produced videos open up more opportunities for creators to monetize. Creators are able to include links in their description and can start collaborating with brands right away. Eventually, they will also have pre-roll ads.

5. What To Expect

Everything we’ve learned so far suggests this will blow up. Celebrities have already started their channels and uploaded content. We expect more actors, singers, comedians, chefs, athletes, makeup artists and even keynote speakers to jump on the bandwagon.