8 Ways To Create Content With Influencers

Here are some quick tips to help you build relationships and create content with influencers.

If you’re reading this post you’re probably both a little overwhelmed and excited about the many ways that you can create influencer content to promote your brand. The following article series will put you at ease and place you on the fast track to content success. Whether you’re looking to build your Press mentions, strengthen your SEO, or connect with influencers, an effective strategy for working with influencers is crucial to maximizing the reach of your efforts. Part 1 of this series will explore 8 innovative initiatives that you can create with influencers.

1. Original Content Creation

Work with influencers to create engaging product reviews, product guides, and other innovative commentary about your brand. The content is then published by the bloggers and read and shared by their friends.
a. Building buzz around a product, launch, sale, etc

b. Building your SEO & Increasing information when brand is searched for

c. Content Marketing

d. Educating & Influencing decision to buy

e. Increasing time spent on site

2.  Contest/Giveaway

Partner with influencers to create a contest/giveaway that creates buzz about your brand and invites reader to actively engage in the conversation. The contest/giveaway is a great way to both create original content and incentivize readers to become followers.

a. Building email list

b. Building social media following on FB, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

c. Engaging bloggers readers

3. Social Media Blitz

With a vast majority of influencers gaining their notoriety through social media, brands can now effectively leverage the following of  influencers to direct traffic to your social media properties. A social media blitz is a great way to reach millions of people while creating lots of original content about your brand.

a. Building Buzz for Products & Sales

b. Amplifying reach of content already created (e.g. spreading a youtube video)

c. Building social media followings & engaging influencers

4. Blogger Survey

A successful influencer is really great at understanding her audience and this knowledge can be invaluable for your brand. You can leverage this by creating a blogger survey with questions that allow you to gain further insight into what your customers want and don’t want.

a. Getting feedback on products you’re developing

b. Learning about your customers behavior (where they shop, etc)

c. Researching new categories

5. Blogger Roundtable

Setting up times to meet with multiple bloggers across complex schedules can be a time consuming and almost impossible fete. Use the power of virtual communication to set up a roundtable of influencers to brainstorm and get feedback about your brand.

a. Getting feedback on products/ validating ideas

b. Brainstorming

c. Understanding Customer needs

6. Recruitment

Great brands are always on the lookout for influencers who can become brand ambassadors. Use your influencer partnerships to scout for new talent and influencers who can promote and transform your following.
a. Great for finding Sales reps

b.Find Regular writers for your blog

c. Building your network of affiliates

7. Badge sharing

Many top influencers show their brand loyalty and various sponsorships through badges on their blog. Because these are placed on the homepage of these sites, there’s potential for millions of impressions and links back to your site. Use badge sharing to build links to your site and strengthen your brand through strong influencer affiliations.

a.Great for driving traffic to your site
b.Easy way to show a connection between influencers and your brand
c. Allows you to present your brand name and logo across millions of viewers

8. Event

Producing an event is a great way to launch a new product , promote your brand, and build your following. Because it’s interactive it also gives you a great opportunity to meet your customers in person and create tons of great links for social media and other press content. Use your influencers to drive traffic to your event and to promote your event in post coverage.

a.Great for creating viral social media links
b. Easy way to build your press kit

c. Allows you to build your lists through RSVPs and follow ups