Measuring the Success of Your Influencer Campaign

Every marketing campaign starts with a clear goal in mind. Often times, sales are the obvious priority. When working with influencers, your return on investment comes in many different forms.

So how can you measure the success of your influencer marketing campaign?

Let’s explore below:


Amount of People Reached

The traditional marketing Rule of Seven states a consumer needs to have at least seven touchpoints with your brand before converting. Partnering with influencers at scale allows you to get your brand in front of their audiences. Simply put, the more times someone sees your brand, the higher the chances of them converting. Since each interaction with your brand serves as a touchpoint, be sure to keep your messaging consistent across all of your marketing efforts.

Engagement and Conversations Around Your Brand

Engagement includes various interactions such as likes, comments, shares, retweets, mentions, direct messages, and reposts. Tracking your followers and subscribers is an easy way to tell if influencers are boosting your brand’s socials. To gain more insight into what consumers are saying about your brand, make sure to stay on top of all comments, questions, and concerns. To become part of the conversation, start by tracking comments on your sponsored posts and searching your brand’s name on Twitter.

Content Received
How many pieces of your influencer’s content can you repurpose to your own social channels? Are some of them worthy for ads? While often referred to as “influencers,” they are also “content creators” which means they have an eye for aesthetics. Instead of using professional photographers, renting out a studio, and bringing in models, repurposing influencer’s content has become the new (and cost-efficient) norm.

Trickle-Down Sales

Building trust and loyalty typically take more than one social post and one campaign. The more time you invest in influencer marketing, the more sales you will start to see. There’s no magic trick to this, it’s all about consistency and building relationships with your core influencers. With a little bit of patience, over time, your sales will gradually increase.

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