The BrandBacker BRM

If you’re a marketer you know that the better organized you are, the more successful you are. Influencer contacts, PR lists, and customers can be a handful to keep track of, let alone organize. With BrandBacker, organizing and engaging with your audience is easier than ever. 

The BrandBacker BRM (Brand Relationship Manager) is a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) for all of your social relationships. While CRM’s are mainly used by Sales Professionals, our BRM is for marketers. 

In Influencer Marketing, we are creating endless lists of contacts that fit our latest campaign launch or initiative. Finding, recruiting, and updating stats for hundreds of influencers can be incredibly time-intensive. 
When you have finally found your perfect influencer team, the work doesn’t end there. Maintaining those relationships is key. Keeping track of the details of previous email and DM interactions, the content they’ve created and the analytics and engagement their posts received is all relevant information to keep on hand for a smooth transition into your next campaign. Building lasting relationships and creating a core influencer team to serve as Brand Ambassadors for your brand is a goal you should always have in mind.

The BrandBacker BRM not only keeps track of all of the BrandBacker influencers you are working with but also allows you to import existing influencers you’ve built relationships with outside of our platform. 

Once contacts are imported to the BrandBacker BRM, you’ll have the most efficient system and tools to organize and launch your marketing initiatives:

  • Rich Contact Data: Use our contacts uploader to quickly import large lists of contacts into the BRM. Our system then finds all associated data about your contacts including social media accounts, statistics, contact and location information.Easily receive analytics on influencers you’ve worked with, currently work with, and want to work with and simply invite them to join your team.
  • Tagging, Lists and Notes: Attach tags to contacts to make them easier to find in the future. Add contacts to custom lists for upcoming marketing campaigns and leave private notes accessible to you and your team for future reference. → Our clients like to use this filter to sort influencers by things like hair type, skin type, influencer’s age, or ages of their children.
    • Advanced Filtering: Filter by category, geo-location, tags, content channels, campaigns, image quality, engagement and more. Secondary filtering allows you to further refine by numbers of followers, time ranges and more.→ Some practical uses for filtering include: Inviting influencers to specific geo-targeted events, determining which of your influencers make high-quality YouTube content or reaching out to past campaign participants to invite them to a new opportunity.
  • Engagement and Action Buttons: Quickly engage with contacts using engagement buttons aimed to help you quickly send messages and invite influencers to work with you on campaigns.→ Invite select influencers to private, invite-only campaigns and use the message portal to keep track of special requests or inquiries.

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